SJ garment manufacturer is an experienced clothing manufacturing agency. At SJ garment manufacturer we assist in helping new brands or existing brands prosper, possessing a dedicated team specialising in a broad aspect of areas.Our minimum order quantity starts from 50 pieces per design. 

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We manufacture clothes from the foundations and specifications of your designs. With good business relations with partnered factories overseas it allows you to deal with us directly without the hassle of wrong product development, and expectations. Many brands have expectations of how their clothes would look in theory but upon receiving it and inspecting it it usually ends up in disappointment. Lastly by dealing with us this cuts out expensive costs that would be expected when dealing with foreign factories.  


When starting a new brand it can be confusing and complicated.  However we have made it very easy with our bundled packages. We treat your brand as our brand, so therefor through our great low cost packages we can aid in your brand becoming successful. 

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Starting a new brand can be confusing if it’s your first time in the fashion industry. From fabric quality , different types of printing, size charts etc it can all be confusing. At SJ Garments manufacturer we use our knowledge and experience to give you what you need.


Being such a competitive market, we understand that it is extremely difficult to find suppliers that offer low order quantity. However, we work with small order quantities as we understand being a new brand the difficulties of start up capital. 


With years of experience in designing, fabrics, sizing, marketing and branding, we will aid you step by step making sure every detail is covered. This gives no room for error. Possessing a diverse set of skills and abilities we provide more than just ‘manufacturing’ we offer photography, designing and marketing services to make certain that your brand has the best possible edge.

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When it comes to our clients, having a good relationship is key. We are well experienced so we will offer high quality fabrics and materials. We try to be as accurate as possible when it comes to delivery as we understand the importance in delays when it comes to business.


In regards to our prices we are honest, we do not give you any new pop up costs. Our prices are all inclusive from the materials all the way to the delivery at your door step.


We have great passion in what we do. We will aid as greatly as possible in giving as much guidance as you need.


By being partners with our global factories , the prices we offer are the best in the market, giving you a competitive edge over your competition and ultimately giving you higher profits.


We understand the frustration of unanswered calls and emails, therefor communication is key to our company and we will try to answer all queries as soon as possible. 

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We do no just cater for new brands, for the already established brands we understand costs can be high. With years of experience it allows us to work with many suppliers this allows us to give the already established brands higher quality and lower costs. Offering reliable services we can ultimately increase business efficiency thus improving your brand from the fabrics all the way to designs.


We also specialise in high volume orders. With high volume orders we can offer favourable lead times at great market prices through establishing great connections with our global suppliers. If you are looking to make large quantity orders, we offer these services.



Simply send us your design 

Once the design is complete, the manufacturing of the sample will begin. 


After you receive the sample and you are happy with it bulk production will commence and we will deliver it to your designated address.