Our Process/Services

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An essential part of a brand and ensuring successful clothes is designs. Design files, specs or tech packs are influential as this is used to understand all specifications needed in order to manufacture the clothes correctly.


If you do not require this service due to having your own design specs, you can email them to us. On the other hand, we have professional designers. For our designers to understand your idea information is required this is simply digital illustrations to clarify what it is exactly that you need in your design.


Each design requires different specifications. When completed, a full design sheet will be sent to you, this will include all relevant information needed such as fabric, fabric quality, patterns, and features etc. 


It is vital in ensuring that these design are done as accurately and professionally as possible as this is what is needed for the manufacturer to comprehend on the piece of clothing you need.

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Upon completion of the designs we will send these to our factories and from here we will initially create one sample, we try to create the sample as accurately as possible in order to avoid delays in the bulk production and if there are any changes we will inform the factories from there to make these changes before bulk production.


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Bulk Production

After the correct sample is made we will go into bulk production according to the sample created. If you already have a brand and manufacture clothes, we can offer you good prices to bulk produce with us but at the same time keeping quality high with our partnered overseas factories.

Delivery Van

It is important to note due to our partners being abroad there will be charges such as import duty, air freight etc. However, depending on your budget there are diverse set of way in order to get the products to you. All delivery methods can be reviewed upon the finalisation of the order.

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With our e-commerce service we set up a fully functional website for you. The website has all the benefits of a ready website such as cart, checkout options, your own domain, a simple way to change your own website in case you want to change the prices of your products or you want to add or change new items. We will also set up a professional email for you (info@businessname.com). To add to all this the website we set up for you will have analytics this will allow you to get a insight on the activity of your website via traffic reports graphs etc. 

Film Set
photography and modelling 

In this service we set up a professional photo-shoot. We have our own professional photographer and a fully functional studio. You can choose from our own models or you can bring your own, we will email photos to you once edited and perfected. You can contact us for more options and see what best suits you in regards to our modelling and photo-shoot package.